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Getting back into the swing of things

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It's been a busy couple months with the emergency trip down to my dads' all is good :D and getting back and then caught up on fall chores and getting some shooters finished up and out the door. I finally took the time to get with the resident who understood but was getting critter raiding parties which have been showing up early just before dark to take a run at the chickens in their coop.

I decided to set up early down at the ole hide and after getting it ship shape settled in around 6:30pm last night despite the off and on rain and once settled in all just fell back into place with the ole zen feel kicking back in.

With enough rounds through this shooter and it loving the 14.3g CPHP's The .22 Gamo Whisper was ready and we just hunkered down and held still waiting for possible coop raiders.

It wasn't twenty minutes when I spotted something moving down the trail and with the white coat I knew already that we had a C-rat coming in so with the shooter in position I dropped behind the glass and just let myself ease into the moment.

The C-rat took it's sweet time as it moved at a snails pace stopping to sniff around the trail and I told myself the next time it holds up and presents a shot were taking it.

This fella was moving slow enough to even give me time to laser it with the rangefinder several times and then finally holding up again and presenting a side profile and knew this would be the time if there was one.

I settled in real comfy like and watched through the glass as it moved slighty to the side of the trail then dropped it's head for a sniff. I locked the cross hairs on and let the lead loose.

The lead hammered home and dropped the C-rat onto it's side but what a death dance the wildest one I've seen from a C-rat but gave in to the lead injection shortly after.

I could smell rain coming in and the clouds above looked angry so quickly got a range reading which came to 32yrds then scooted down the trail gloved up and ready to get some pics and get out before Ma Nature spoke her mind. We have a year around season on C-rat and works for me since I eat what I harvest and was back home dressing the big male out as the rain cut loose. The C-rat took the lead right in the front profile sweetspot and happy to see that I can still point and hit dem critters where it counts and felt great to be back in the timber. Ed

Very nice Bro Ed! Great to see you back on the hunt !

Awesome shot, pictures and story, brother Ed!!

Thank you kindly hunt brothers :D and real good to get back out into Ma Nature and reconnect. Things slowing some on some of the coop raiders bandits and C-rats which is good for the resident but the fall into winter season will bring out the predators like the Fox and hopefully a yote or two to maybe take a run at the coop and nab my first harvest on them.

Also looking for the Squirrel and Rabbit season to open and work on putting some meat in the icebox. Ed

From feast back to famine but no surprise as the chilly season is setting in and slowing down the raiding activity. Still out checking cams and doing some night pest control but looking forward to Squirrel season and bunny season soon. Ed


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