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Back home at 3:30am and all are cleaned and prepped and just sat my ole bottom down here to post a tidbit of info before getting some needed rest. Simply put I had at least 7 Bandits doing their best to get into the chicken coop several breached the fencing. The lead was flying and Bandits where death dancing or scattering story to follow. Ed

Hat trick! Great night Bro Ed! Yes we are waiting for the rest of the story but get some rest

 ;) That looks like a very productive nights work Brother Ed  8)

Hello Ed.  Things are a little hectic around here and I have been missing some of the posts on GTA.
But this morning, I looked in on your thread and there are three raccoons that will cause no more problems.  Well done!

Lovely little red dots on their foreheads... Great shooting Ed!


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