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It's been called a clone of a higher quality and priced shooter and surprising enough at least for me doesn't have a bigger following considering that for a China shooter it's quality is well above many China shooters as far as I'm concerned. It's well made fit to finish and as other B26 owners can attest it shoot's darn good out of the box.

A touch lighter then other wood wrapped mid-powered shooters and easy to handle and haul in the open field or getting into the brush for those sneaky critters. It's also comfortable as a target shooting paper puncher and the B26 is an accurate shooter as well and once the lead it likes is found and the shooter is healthy then it's just settling in and getting to know your B26.

My B26 holds a special place in my ole airgun heart and she's been with my for many moons actually purchased her about the time that GTA was still in it's infancy and other members were grabbing B26's as well and for the most all were impressed with them and Mike from Flying Dragon Airguns was pushing them out in stock form and tuned.

My Girl has seen many changes through the years the way she looks the countless harvest notches on her stock and making the trip with this Great Forum, GTA and it's been a great trip but far from over.

She's undergone the knife to remove that cool but not user friendly high comb but being a T-hole was a plus for relaxing into the shooter and hold wise. The camo was going to come sooner or later as many know me and the colors that grace her have held up fine over the years and what I want my camo designs and work to do stand up against the test of time.

Game harvesting honestly I've lost track of how many and everything from chippers to Bandit's along with other wild edibles. If I was to put a game harvesting count up for species harvested it would just say "a bunch of em" but has never been about numbers more about the time spent out there taking in Ma Nature and hunting.

So another day passes and me and the ole girl are still together and it's been a wonderful journey and each day she get's out there with me she impresses me all over again and proves to me that the B26 .177 is very comfortable in the hunt field if one does their part and never ask her take on a critter that she doesn't feel comfortable taking as well as oneself.

So hunt brothers and sisters if your reading maybe all were thinking this was going to be another hunt adventure story but this is all about my b26 in .177 and to shine some light on the B26 in general and see that the B26 is getting some post time in the China Gate and would love to see more in the Hunt Gate I know your out there hehe.

Oh by the way I got a late start last night on sight at 9:30pm but held the night till 5:30am when this young female rolled into the yard from the garden as been the case and for the coop enclosure and was dropped at 18yrds giving it a third eye fusebox shot. B26.177 CPHP 7.9g but it's not about me and the harvest putting the light on my lil shooter. So it will be another night with her hehehe got to head out. Ed

Nice job with the old B26 buddy and great pics. 

It seems like only yesterday you were taking critters with the B26 and it was 10 years ago when I joined the GTA.  I know you will be using it for many more years to come and it will probably never leave your side.  I feel the same way for my first couple of Springers.  I can testify on the hundreds of critters you and your B26 have taken this past decade.  That's without a doubt a very special gun.


Thanks brother :D and the B26 and I hope for many more adventures together. Ed

I can't shoot mine good.  I think I know why though.   It shoots very high and I almost had my elevation adjustment maxed on my scope.     Reading more on scopes has me believing this is the cause of the poi shifts I'm seeing.         Going to try bending the barrel eventually , it's a smooth shooter just not a good shooter for me at all right now

Also love the paint job on that gun, very cool.   Good shooting my friend


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