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I got to say brothers and sisters it's been slow roll for me in the hunt and pest control department :( and with moments of I think things are picking "fooled you" I thought the word about me had made a full circle and the critters had jumped on the last animal caravan out of town.

With a mindset that I will harvest a critter one of these days or nights I headed up to the residents to chat and hang with him awhile and get any news of possible chicken coop raiders then slip down to the hide around 9:00pm and check the trails for signs.

The resident and I looked over the coop and there were signs of critter activity and some bent up fencing but looked like it was holding up so we returned to the deck to finish up our iced tea before I turned my attention to harvesting something to eat.

The iced tea was just what I needed as I took my last swallow then thanked the resident for his hospitality then gathered the shooter and gear from the rig and headed for the hide and also took note of some wicked looking water laden clouds rolling in but I ain't going nowhere.

I reached the hide.... My apologies brothers and sisters my computer is on it's way down the rabbit hole and not allowing to type out a story like I want, got a bad bug and time to clean its clock so to speak. Anyway I ended up harvesting a fine young male bandit with my Gamo Hunter Extreme 1250 .22 along with the .16g Polymag.

Don't let the lack of blood from the wound fool you all lol the bandit dropped on the spot with very little movement and over in seconds and also no bait was used since the continuous use of bait in the past has left a nice scent stain and with a frontal fusebox shot at 25yrds it only took a drop of it's head for a sniff to let me put the lead to the head.

Now got to do some work on getting my old computer back to specs and clear out the bugs and thank the hunt family for hanging with me since my first thought was to take the puter out for target practice lol. Ed

Good luck out there Ed. Hopefully you'll get a meal.

I heard a rumor they were coming your way tonite Ed.

Sorry brothers my puter is got a critter bug making for a horrible time in posting a story and had to cut it shot but got the skinny of it in. Enjoy while I beat the keyboard against the monitor lol. The puter was going in for a overhaul anyway but was hoping to squeeze alittle more time out of it...Ok watch out taking a swing with the keyboard lol lol lol...mad man laughing. Ed

The critters will be back, Ed, and you will as usual, post your very interesting hunting stories.


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