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Entry Level Field Target Rifle

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Thanks guys.  I am thinking springer to start.


--- Quote from: Kallysan on August 12, 2014, 11:01:31 PM ---Thanks guys.  I am thinking springer to start.

--- End quote ---
IMO you have 2 choices at the entry level worthy of the expenditure.
Not on the cheap .. but paid good money and got a darn fine rifle !!

Air Arms TX 200 MKIII
HW 97K

Don't buy one now ... you stay shooting a spring gun you WILL eventually  ;)

A b40 in .177 is a good start point... ::)

If you can find a B40.  A bone stock TX or HW97K will get you in the game.  Then if you decide to stay you can get the rifle tuned and add a custom stock and have equipment that can compete with the best out there. 

Thanks for the info.


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