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Author Topic: Any events  (Read 3650 times))

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Any events
« on: August 24, 2013, 05:26:34 PM »
I would like to know if there are any members living in NH that wouldn't mind getting together to sling some lead; i just recently
moved to the state and my air rifles have been collecting dust since i have gotten here.  Any information on shooting ranges or
fun shoot events would be greatly appreciated.  I live in the Claremont area.
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Re: Any events
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2013, 05:19:11 PM »
Hi Lead,
It's pretty quiet up here in New England.  I live in Mass but if I hear of anything anywhere North of Hartford CT I'll let you know, please do the same.
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Re: Any events
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2014, 07:44:08 AM »
Up here in Berlin.....    Sandpits will be decent once the snow melts.   I dont know any die-hard pellet shooters but I do know gun nuts :)


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Re: Any events
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2014, 01:55:18 PM »
I live in central mass and I go to Hudson, mass to shoot at an indoor air range, pm me if interested.

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Re: Any events
« Reply #4 on: May 09, 2015, 06:44:17 AM »
Recently moved to Hillsboro from England and a regular target shooter, waiting for the squirrel season to start in September though. As it stands I'm trying to keep them away from some exposed wiring outdoors that a couple of them seem to want to eat (maybe it tastes nutty?!) but can't go wild yet! I'm open to meeting up with people sometimes to shoot some targets though. However I dislike indoor ranges, just doesn't feel the same.
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Re: Any events
« Reply #5 on: May 09, 2015, 10:31:29 AM »
Up in New England airgunners have to fend for themselves .
I live in Framingham Ma and go to the range in Hudson as well. If you want to get together for some shooting let me know.
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