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  I found this one helpful

I like the Canadian Sea Cadets shooting manual.  It's for the Daisy/Avanti 853, but most of it applies to any other gun as well.

Brilliant links & I'm sure I'll learn a lot. Just wanting to clarify a point on the dominant eye test. On the PDF it states
"Have them center an object in the triangle with both eyes open
Have them close one eye, if the object stays in the triangle, that is their dominant eye, if not close the other"

I'm guessing that means if the object stays put then the OPEN eye is the dominant eye yes, not the one they closed? It doesn't make it very clear but that seems like the common sense answer haha!

Just wondering because I've always shot aiming with my right eye (I'm semi-ambidexterous but right handed as far as shooting goes, I can change dominant eyes if I make a conscious "switch" but I think I'm primarily "left eyed"  :-\ Also, how would I go about aiming with the dominant eye if it's opposite to my dominant hand? Offset scope mount or similar?

Those links are outdated now.  These are the current (as of 25 April 2015):


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