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Author Topic: KOI airgunner's group of Northern KY  (Read 2942 times))

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KOI airgunner's group of Northern KY
« on: July 30, 2013, 12:12:01 PM »
The KOI airgunners group is very pleased to announce that we are accepting new members to our group. There are currently no membership fees or dues to join, our events will typically have a small entry fee of their own for shooters. You only require a friendly demeanor, interest, an adult airgun, a scope and pellets. We hold airgun field target competitions, fun shoots, target practice, as well as other competitions for serious air rifle/pellet gun enthusiasts.

Not hip to the sport of field target? Check the field target gate here in the forums or just shoot us a reply and we'll be happy to contact you through our group email as well as direct you to the best source of Field Target info available. Target distances can reach as far as 55 yards in a field target match, so adult airguns are recommended (but not required). Target sizes can and will present a challenge, as they may range in size from 1/2 inch to 1.5 inches. Youtube also offers a good many videos of this fun and competitive sport as well, if you'd like a gander at it in action.

Shooters entry fee for field target event days will be just $15 and anyone requiring HPA or CO2 fills for their gun can get them unlimited for just an additional $5. Non shooting guests attend for free. There is a full concession area with plenty of food and drink available as well as restrooms, shelter, shade, a picnic area, a large rear deck and additional seating at our venue.

Safety is of paramount concern in our group and will be taken VERY seriously at all gatherings and events. Everyone attending will be required to follow the safety guidelines and rules laid out by the venue staff and event organizers. Those failing to comply with proper safety procedures and cautions will be asked to kindly leave the premises immediately.

Our meetings, gatherings and events are traditionally held in Silver Grove Kentucky at out venues property. Members commonly bond with one another through the group and opportunities to shoot with one another reach outside our venue as well. Our group will challenge your shooting skills and provide fun, marksmanship, competition, and much camaraderie with fellow air gun shooters.

Events are currently open to spring powered guns, CO2 and pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) guns of all levels. Calibers for field target events are limited to .177, .20 and .22, NOTHING LARGER! ONLY pellets may be fired in our group, NO BB's! So pull that backyard plinker off the shelf and come see what it can do, you may be surprised!

Shooters will need to bring their own ammo and equipment currently, rental guns and pellet sales may be available in the future but currently are not. More details are always in development, any questions, interest or concerns can be answered by replying directly to this ad. You may also visit our facebook page at
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