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Sacramento Valley FIELD TARGET ( SVFTC ) 2023 Newsletter and Events


Happy New year to ALL Sac Valley Air Gun Club participants & those who may wish in joining us this 2023 season at the Sacramento shooting center located @ IONE Ca.
As previous years, we shoot at RANGE #9 on the 4th Sunday of each month from @ *March threw October.  ( *weather pending )
Set up generally starts @ 7:30 to 8:00 with match getting under way @ 9:30 or so ...

This years 2023 dates for SVFTC Air Gun FIELD TARGET Matches are:
*Mar  26
*April  23
*May  28
*June  25
*July  23
*August  27
*Sept  24
*Oct  22

As re recap:
Field target rifles / pistols are limited to a MAXIMUM 20 fpe in the game of AAFTA Field target at these events. Thus having higher power guns unable to be shot during field target events.  What specific AAFTA class your shooting in may have specific limitations on power Optics X power or Support , sitting aids etc .. one may use.
So if in doubt of AAFTA rules for specific class's please read the handbook or reach out to myself or others we shoot with for further information.   
( THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO FOLLOW AAFTA RULES and are going to shoot Field target outside club events )

Ok now whats CHANGING for 2023

As an Air gun club traditionally playing the game of FIELD TARGET by AAFTA rules.  When the club was formed @ 10 years ago the founding members along with a large contingent also shot at away matches, Gran Prix events, Nationals etc ...

We find our self's this many years later having more shooters than ever with a striking difference .... Most shooting with us now ONLY seem to shoot club Fun Matches either at Sac Valley or Diablo in the bay area.
Those of us who still travel & compete outside clubs event are strictly tied to AAFTA class rules and abide by them to the letter.

SO here is where it gets more fun and accommodating for many in our ranks at SVFTC club events ...

Without getting political, there has been a class many have tried threw the years attempting to get the AATFA approval.  It has failed to be so and remains a NON SANCTIONED class ... BUT WE ARE GOING TO OFFER IT At SVFTC Club Events !!  UNLIMITED is the name many were trying to adopt and it is a fitting name.

We will operate within the AAFTA overall guide lines ( yes 20fpe max ) BUT NO LIMITATIONS on the mixing and matching of gear, shooting aids, optics, seating etc ....
So Now if you wish to sit on a Bucket / seat, use shooting sticks and have a 50X scope, use holdover or click  you can !!  Slings, Palm rests, Butt hooks, Thigh rests etc ...
 ANY MIX & MATCH of AAFTA legal Gear / Equipment may be used in UNLIMITED.

Next subject ...
Starting this year ALL the club match equipment and support gear will be ON SITE behind large ship containers at range 6 where blocks have been all along.  Now blocks are on a trailer, targets, winders & clamps, paints etc in a smaller locked steel enclosure along side them. * Both will be chained and locked.

Target maintenance, repair & painting WILL HAPPEN AFTER EACH MATCH with everything returned to storage ready for the next months match.
It will be encouraged to help out in doing the target repair / painting and with many willing should happen quickly and painlessly .... THANK YOU in Advance !

Those who will be running / match directing any given SVFTC matches threw the season/s will have keys to gain access.

Another Subject ....
We're an AIR GUN club .. Yes we are, tho we are lacking in diversity of the Games one can play shooting air guns.  Only the Field Target game is limited to 20 fpe limitations and the shooting of our clubs knock down targets.

As stated at a few events in 2020 WE CAN PLAY other Games, Other Target Types, Higher Power, Further Distances etc being Far More Inclusive to more Air gunners in general.  But we need LEADERSHIP from others to step up and spearhead this effort ! ....
Scott Schneider runs & Match Directs the Field target activities with the clubs help.
WHO WANTS TO STEP UP and talk about setting some other Air Gun related activities with Clubs help ?
* This could happen after a FT match as a same day second event ( we have had folks stay after and screwing around for years BTW ) Or if in time such an event became more fun than FT it could be a semi monthly activity alternating with FT ?

Anywho .... been an interesting winter and the SVFTC is about to get started once more.
The 1st Match of the year ( Hopefully March ) with be our JIM CYRAN Memorial match which we stared last year with Jims passing.   Not planning on a huge food fest, we will have food, but if some would like to do a little something extra for the clubs benefit I'm all ears to have that conversation.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and may we see you this 2023 season for some kick azz Field target & more with many great people !!

Scott Schneider
Match Director SVFTC

Woohoo, looking forward to it!

Thanks Scott!

We have our Target / Supplies storage box NOW on-site !!


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