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Boerne (TX) Field Target Club Match Saturday, January 21st 2023


Hello Fellow Shooters,
Happy New Year!  BFTC will have a field target match on Saturday, January 21st. The weather that day is forecasted as a high of 70 degrees.  Looks like a great day to shoot! 

The usual info: The gate will be open at 0800 for sighting in and the match will begin promptly at 0900.  Water and snacks will be available. Please RSVP as soon as you know if you can shoot with us that day.  This match will be at 33 Shooting Club Road, Boerne, TX.  Let us know if you have any questions and also please let me know if you're coming.  The cost is $20, and new shooters will enjoy a free first match.  
Hope to see you there!

Good evening, fellow shooters!
We had a great day for a match!  Some very light rain on the drive in to the Boerne Shooting Club, but otherwise, we had minimal wind and cool temperatures for our first match of the year!  We were happy to see friends old and new.  We had 3 shooters new to Boerne Field Target Club: Billy D, Scott C., David T., and David T is new to the sport of field target.  Welcome!  Also, Scott C. is our old friend from the Dallas area who made the trip to Boerne today.  Great to see you! We also had two observers today: John and Michael.  We hope to see you both shoot with us soon--next match maybe?

Robert thanked everyone who has supported BFTC over the years, especially Jim C. and Shepard.  Shepard will be taking over the reins as the match director and he brings an energy and enthusiasm to the job which had long since left Robert.  We look forward to the year to come!  Coming up:  Our Awards Match which got rained out in November 2022 is rescheduled for June 17, 2023.  More details to follow in the months ahead.

After a brief safety meeting, the 60-shot match began.

Hunter PCP:
John T.   54/60 Daystate Redwolf 177/  Sightron SIII /10.34 gr AA  (Winner)
Derek W. 54/60 Kalibrgun Cricket 2 Tac/ Athlon Argos/JSB 13.43
***John and Derek had a shoot-off leading to John being declared the winner)
Robert D. 53/60 Daystate Red Wolf /Hawke 10-24 x 56 /JSB 13.43
David T. 50/60 Daystate RedWolf /Hawke 16x /JSB 13.43  (first match! Well done, David!)
Jerry P 50/60 Daystate Air Wolf/ Hawk Sidewinder 8-24 /10.34
Scotty H. 49/60 RAW HM 1000/Sightron 10-50/JSB 13.4
Jim C. 47/60 Red Wolf/Sightron III/JSB 13.4
Billy D. 45/60 FX Crown .22/Athcon 6x24/13.43
Bill B. 45/60 Daystate Redwolf/JSB 13.4

Scott C. 44/60 Hammerli AR 20/Falcon T50/AA 8.4

We are so happy to see everyone come out and shoot with us or observe.  We appreciate you all so much!!  Pics of the match are on the Boerne Field Target Club facebook page. Hope to see you at our next match on Saturday, February 18th, 2023!


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