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My take on Italy's WFTC's 2022

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--- Quote from: RonC808 on August 30, 2022, 11:36:42 PM ---Nice reporting. Kudos for persevering and making the best of it 👍🏼
The D54AKPro looKs great. Im guessing you tuned it down to 12ft lb for WFTC.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your kind words!


It is a short-stroked version yielding 11.5 ft-lbs with the QYS 9.56 domed pellet. Requiring only 21# of peak cocking force.

Again, thanks for reading!



--- Quote from: ssbn617 on August 31, 2022, 08:32:39 AM ---I have a question Hector.  What made you switch from your Sightron to Tac Vector Optics Continental?

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SIGHTRON went crazy. Their newest scope is made on a 40 mm's tube and weighs almost 6#.
As much as I tried to steer them in a better path, they seem to believe that all shooters shoot HP/CF "F" class.
The SIII 10-50x60 MOA-H I was using also failed me at the Nationals in CA, and I had to borrow a Tac Vector Sentinel from Cameron Kerndt to finish the shoot.

A few months before that Tac Vector had sent me a Continental 34 mm's FFP 5-30X56 scope with an extremely interesting reticle (with marks every 0.2 mRads and a Christmas tree style reticle).

So, that aimpoints as fine as 0.1 mRad apart were possible.

According to them, it was spring-gun rated, but tests showed that the erector was suffering from the TNBS (Tacoma Narrows Bridge Syndrome), so we agreed I would build a ZR Mount for it and test it intensively and extensively.
In the end I built FOUR mounts, till I could get it just right, and then with the change of pellet as a preparation for the high winds expected, the whole system started "coalescing" into a great rig.
The performance at the local matches was very good, posting results that were "up there" with the PCP scores:

So, I decided to take it to Italy, to the World's Field Target Matches.

Yes it gets hot in Maryland, but we shoot under the shade.

In Italy, the killer was that there was NO shade, neither for the shooters, nor for the rigs.

Temps at the outside of the scope reached well in excess of 40 C, but not so much that you could not hold your hand on the scope, so I am fairly confident that the internal temperature did not exceed the 55C of the spec.

I had two thermometers in the scope, and since they were LCD's it was fun watching the temperature advance in a "wave":

I am now looking at other scopes. Mainly Nightforce, I hope to get some of their attention. At least the Tech Dept has already answered that they do not know about their scopes what I know about other scopes ;-), so let's hope that that is a good beginning.

For MY style of shooting (pure hold-offs), it is hard to beat the T-V Conti reticle. Unless you go to well established reticles, like the HorusVision Tremor3.

And, make no mistake, the optical clarity of the T-V is amazing. It compares easily with scopes costing 3 and 4 times as much. The glass is true ED glass, wherever it is made, it is very good glass. The focus takes a bit of getting used to, it is almost clear, almost clear, then truly clear, then almost clear... so it needs some getting used to, but once you get it, it is truly an optically impeccable scope.

Let's see if T-V wants to do the right thing to get all the ducks in a row.

Thanks for reading, keep well and shoot straight!


Thanks Hector. As always you are a wealth of information.


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