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Barra 400e GTA member special

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Geo Schoonmaker:
A couple weeks ago, we pulled a random sample of 50 guns to do some QA testing on. Each of these rifles passed our testing and we are now offering them at a discount exclusively to GTA members here:

Please note that these airguns do not ship with a battery or charger, but the ones we've tested and recommend are available on the website as well. In my testing, these guns ranged from 380 to 412 fps. Some models shoot a bit faster than others, so this is the range you can expect. We recommend zinc plated BBs, I've personally tested both Barra and Daisy BBs and found those to run well in these. Hornady Black Diamond BBs run well too. I can't recommend copper BBs!

Each gun includes one magazine and a speed loader. Additional magazines and speed loaders should be available in a week or two.

You can learn more about the 400e here:

If you have any questions or need any service with Barra products, please feel free to reach me by PM!

Thank you for doing that.  Interesting gun.

Nice - thanks guys - looking at this now!


Ok!  I did it.. I took the weekend to cool down, but as of this morning, I placed my order for the GTA Special.  Thanks guys!


I couldn’t resist 50 bucks off! Grabbed 2 battery’s and charger off eBay and still came in under the $400


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