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JTS Airacuda .25 Caliber: An introduction

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I got tired of the delays and had Pyramid refund my money. Got a Origin .25 (on sale from for 283.00 with shipping) to play with. I will revisit these JTS rifles later and likely purchase one from Mike Mellick. If JTS had the Max in a stock like the standard my decision would be easy.

I have zero experience with adjustable transfer ports. If dialed down will it effect poppet dwell time and save air in the tank or just waste air ? Are there issues with leakage during the shot cycle ? Seems to me that it would keep the poppet open longer.

All I know is I'm still very happy with the performance of my AEA Challenger .22, just aired it up and I'll be in the woods with it at 7AM for opening day of squirrel season, they're still $359 at the pellet shop for one heck of a deal on a really nice powerful hunter.  Some guys are putting the regulator on them but in reality I see it as a waste of money for a good hunting gun.

It's right at the top with all my squirrel guns,  very accurate with more power than I really need but to be honest when I'm out with it if I see a Ghog before he sees me he's in trouble, already got a couple of them with it this year 8)
I've had it for a little over 11 months now and trouble free and a very flat shooter indeed with slugs

I am looking to get the max in .25 caliber.  It looks a lot nicer than the AEA Challenger with having a sidelever and a nicer wood stock and I am sure with Travis behind the build it will have plenty of power.  I don't know a whole lot about them yet but typically with just a port adjustment the valve dwell doesn't change.  I am fairly sure one could swap a hammer spring for different results.  No doubt the adjustable port will make for some nice flat unregulated tunes.


--- Quote from: triggertreat on September 15, 2022, 08:59:46 AM --- No doubt the adjustable port will make for some nice flat unregulated tunes.

--- End quote ---

Just a friendly reminder that the Max is regulated and the standard which is non regulated has the TP adjustment.


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