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Off Season 10M Casual Match #4 Year 21/22

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Hoosier Daddy:

--- Quote from: Kid Shelleen on January 06, 2022, 06:41:20 PM ---  Also, I have a question about the pistol class.  Does it have to be shot standing unsupported or can it be shot seated from a bench?

--- End quote ---

Kidd, because this is a casual match, according to the rules I have shot pistol form the table with a single bag as a rest.

--- Quote ---2) Any position you like including bench rest, prone, sitting, kneeling, mono pod, bi pod, etc...;

3) Any rifle or even pistol if you want;
--- End quote ---

tcarlson777 / Tom
Taipan Vet Long .22
Bags F/R
Helix Scope
JSB 18g
200 8X

Hoosier Daddy:
Nice Tom!
 Question.. for the .22 shooters.
Any good wadcutters out there in .22?
 I have a tin of H&N Sports in 13.73g in 5.50 head size but performance is not that great.

Kid Shelleen:
Scott, I've used Meisterkugeln 14 grs. in my Disco. and they shot pretty well at 10 meters. They don't list a head size and I've never measured them. I would imagine it would mainly depend on the barrel although I had a Hatsan AT-44 that shot the Meisterkugeln's well but that rifle would eat anything.  It was the least pellet picky rifle I've had. 

Hoosier Daddy:
Thanks Mike! Meisterkugeln are my favorite in .177 so that only makes sense.
Never thought of them in .22  :-[


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