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Hi Guys, I've got in a sample shipment from Immersive Optics in the UK. These are really nice scopes!
 I just got a few of each size and some are gone already but I'll be getting more. These are fixed power scopes, very compact with ED high definition glass and very wide angle viewing, super clear. They have adjustable parallax on the side, as well as illuminated reticle.
The reticle choices are MIL Extended (Christmas tree style), Mil Classic and Rapid Aquisition reticle.
The mounts that come with the scopes are really cool and allow you to adjust for MOA and the scope comes with a short and a long mount for more options on placement for proper eye relief on different guns. The scope co ers are also really cool, they pop onto the turrets so they're always handy and ready to stick back on the glass when done for the day.
Lots of great reviews on these and some good YouTube videos. Great for Edgun Leishy and FX Impact or Dreamline Compact owners as they are so nice and compact yet super  ice glass.
Sizes range from 5x24 to 14x50.
Here's the Immersive Optics page on my site :
If you're looking for something super bright and nice and light, these might be what you're looking for!

Hi Wes,

Have you sold any of these prismatic scopes to GTA members?  If so, could you invite them to post their impressions to the thread located here   

Obviously I am not asking for your customers' names; just for them to consider posting their impressions, to help a relatively new member to GTA.  I was not aware of these scopes at all until flagged by user airrob .  Others may discover them and their positive attributes.  You are one of the few sources, that sell to the US.

Thank you

Thanks, I'll do that!
I have more on their way, so will have more stock soon.

Thanks, Wes


you're the man! Cool!
We've been discussing these for a while now and the lid was always: "Well, the sellers don't ship to the US." ➔ 😟 

Thanks for your excellet service to our AG community, Wes!



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