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Swapping Gauntlet Parts

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afaik none of the gauntlets are choked. that is per May 10 2019 gauntlet schematic.

I do not recommend slug in the Gauntlet at all. It has a relatively slow 1:20" twist rate is does not do well with slugs. I have personally tested over 27 types of slugs and none of them performed consistently.
Also barrels are not choked on the Umarex Gauntlet.

Thanks for the heads up on that! You saved me from a lot of aggravation. I am really glad that I came back to this thread before I decided to buy a .25.

Dang. none of the gauntlets like slugs...? is that the .22 or for .25? MAybe i better rethink the .22 barrel then. be abit more involved but could try to adapt a fx slug liner to it. More money to go that route as well.

Iím curious on the FX Hybrid slugs and have some on order for my .25 gauntlet

Dr. Haj

Have you ever considered a barrel swap something with a higher twist rate or longer

HP kit, adjustable Reg, larger bottle, and a
The right barrel = :-) and $$

I need to do some digging and research


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