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Xisico JTS GX-E-CS3 Compressor In Stock

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Hi Guys!
I managed to snag a few of these new Xisico JTS Compressors, and they are now in stock.
First impressions, I'm impressed! Smaller than I imagined! Pumps much quieter than I imagined as well.  Here is a short little video of testing it to 300 bar with the plug in the fill whip.
I'll give some tested fill times as I try it out further.
The manual says it's good to go up to 310 bar and the sales manager informed me it can fill larger tanks as long as you give appropriate cool down periods every 20 minutes or so.
It comes with some wrenches, parts, burst disks and a syringe for adding grease.
Here is few pics and the link to my site.
Price is right around $492usd plus shipping, around $520 total.
Here is a pic with my hand on it as reference, showing how small it is. Nice and portable!

 This is the unit I had been working on at JSAR its awesome so snag them up!!!

Ordered mine yesterday! Will be my spare / travel compressor.


--- Quote from: oldpro on April 02, 2020, 04:03:02 PM --- This is the unit I had been working on at JSAR its awesome so snag them up!!!

--- End quote ---
Thanks Travis!

Thought I'd mention that Xisico promised to take care of repairs and warranty for me, for US customers, to save on all the added cost of shipping between countries. In Canada customers can send their compressor to me for repair, but anyone can call or email me with issues and I can help with parts support etc or troubleshooting.


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