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"GATES" - How This Forum Is Laid Out


As you get familiar with GTA Forums, you will see that we have 152 different and separate areas called Gates. We have tried to logically organize the information here with the help of the members. We have set up areas to separate springers and PCP/Co2 airguns. We have also set up airgun areas for certain countries of origin. We have done this due to the sheer volume of airguns we use from those specific countries. We also have areas for target shooting, classifieds, monthly raffles and general information. We also have a gate for upcoming events for each of the 50 states, since we are based in the USA. We are an international airgun forum so we can and will announce airgun events from other countries in our Announcement Gate.
Along with the specific "gates", we also have what is termed Child Gates. These are sub-gates located under a main topic gate. For example, under the PCP/CO2/HPA Airgun Gates "The Darkside" lie the child gates "The Big Bore Gate", "Korean Gate" and "Support Equipment For PCP/CO2/HPA Gate".
So, please take a look at the right side of the screen where you will find  "Select Gate" and a drop down arrow. Be sure to explore all gates to be familiar with the inner Child gates also. We can and will reorganize when/if needed. We are always looking to improve and need your input to help keep us running well.
Also keep in mind the shortcut bar above on all pages. There are some useful links to explore. One to keep in mind is the Calendar. If you are having or know of an upcoming airgun event, click on that tab. It will ask you for some information and where you want the actual post to be placed, which gate. When you finish adding all the information, an event will be logged on the GTA Calendar and a post will be made about the event. If it's not in the specific state area, let the admin team know and we CAN move the post to the Announcement Gate. 


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