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Rules & Targets for the 50 Foot Casual Match


1) Shot at 50 feet;

2) Any position you like including bench rest, prone, sitting, kneeling, mono pod, bi pod, etc...;

3) Any rifle or even pistol if you want;

4) Any scope or open sights, red dot, shooting from the hip, whatever;

5)(a) 2 shots at each of the 12 major bulls on the scoped sights targets, drop the lowest  2 scoring bulls for a total possible score of 200/200. Kinda like when the teacher would drop the lowest test score when figuring the final grade.  You may also shoot 1 shot at each of the 12 bulls on two 12 bull target sheets and post both sheets; however, you must drop the same two bulls on both target sheets.

5)(b) If you prefer the 6 bull targets designed for fixed sights, shoot two consecutive targets intended as a single match entry for a total of 12 bulls (still dropping the two lowest scoring bulls), or four shots per bull on one target and drop only one lowest scoring bull (less advantageous, but your choice);

5)(c)For the 24 bull targets... 1 shot per bull for 24 bulls. Scoring will be in line with the match rules.......for score you eliminate 2 boxes containing 2 bulls each for a possible high score of 200/200. For an X you still need to totally remove the dot on the 4.5mm target and totally remove the shaded area around the dot on the 5.5 target.

6) Except for scores of "X", shots are scored according to the highest value of the target scoring zone or ring that is touched by a circle centered over the shot with a diameter equal to the pellet caliber designated for the target.  A scoring gauge or the head of a wad-cutter pellet comes in handy for this (the pellet skirt may be too large), or just determine this circle using the hole in the target made by the shot as best you can.  If any part of a scoring ring (demarcation line between the scoring zones) is touched by this circle, including even the outside edge of the scoring ring line, the shot is scored the higher value of the two scoring zones.  In order to score an "X," the center 10 ring dot on the "45" target for 0.177 (4.5mm) caliber must be completely obliterated, or the larger gray ring around the smaller 10 ring dot must be completely obliterated on the "55" and "635" targets for 0.22 and 0.25 caliber (5.5mm and 6.35mm);

7) No time limit;

8 ) Please indicate the match name, match number and the date the match was shot;

9) Please post the following information for your entry with your scanned target:

Caliber and Pellet
Other details to share

10) Target sheet must not have been used (or to be used) in another match.  It must have been shot during the inclusive dates for the applicable match number.

11) Rule Change Effective Match #6, Yr. 3
Each shooter can post an entry in one or more the following classes:  PCP(Pumpers & SSPs to be included in this class), Piston (spring or air piston) and pistol.  Up to three entries per competitor per match, but a maximum of one entry per competitor per class.

Many targets to choose from for this match...but not that confusing really.  Targets sheets are for scoped or "Open Sights" airguns, just choose the one that matches your caliber: "45" for 0.177 (4.5mm); "55" for 0.20 or 0.22 (5.5mm); or "635" for 0.25 (6.35mm) caliber.

Kudos to Random Plinker/Eric and also cstan for designing and modifying the target sheets to fit our needs.

Shoot Safe and Shoot Often.

Targets are attached below.


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