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Title: Sac valley FT ... SVFTC April 2021 Match report
Post by: Motorhead on May 02, 2021, 08:07:28 PM
With our date cancellation of April 24th ( Weather related ) we had a makeup date of Saturday May 1st.
Thanks to our long standing member Cameron K, he graciously offered his personal ranch property for use to converge upon ... and Converge they did !!!   22 strong showed up under sunny skies tho a tad breezy.
This brings up an often debated term .... BREEZY or WINDY  :o    Personally feel breezy due to the wind by in large relatively consistent.  It quartered the course right to Left the entire match with only slight directional shifts or intensity.   most in attendance would likely state WINDY !!! being very very few shots could be taken straight on !!   Yup some wind doping was required by ALL !!!  even the 20 fpe classes and those shooting heavier pellets did not get such a break.

With a bunch of help the "Crew" got a 60 shot match established ... 15 lanes x 2 targets per x 2 shots at each.   We had a couple in close 10 yarders that for some sitting a tad forward in the box came up a tad short of that.  You realize it ? you back up a foot or 2 or fudge your dope and aim a bit higher  ;)

Weather was t-shirt comfortable being upper 70's low 80's .. just darn nice.   The "crew" shot for @ 45 min while we waited for any stragglers.  @ 9:35 we have a quick and matter of fact Shooters meeting, get all the practice paper / quad targets off the course and we're off and shooting the "MATCH"

Results by Class / Shooter / Score  XX/60

WFTF Piston
Cameron K ( Our Host )  47

Hunter Piston
Jesse A  13

Riz M  47
Alex J  44
Dana W  38
Tak A 28

Hunter PCP
Scott S  52
John B  50
Martin   48
Jim C  46
Eric  43
Zack  43
Fred B  42
Marty G  39
Conrad R  37
Tom S  29
Jim M  29
Kevin H  25
Larry G  23
Andrew S  14
AJ   8

Above is 21 shooters, so we had one card not turned in. 

Our Co match director Jim C had LUNCH goodies with Beverage + cookies and a fruit tray for the crew to get some lunch.  Afterwards those still present helped to pick it all back up and get it back into the tubs and boxes for next months beating !!  Yes the targets took quite a brusing this month and like we do every month is get out the paint and get em pretty again !!

THANK YOU to all that came out, Helped set up and tear down.  Great Sportsmanship all around the entire match and not a single issue other than IIRC a target reset too hard coming off the block ... Most EXCELLENT !!!

See You all and  perhaps some MORE in 3 weeks when we will officially have the MAY match in IONE on Saturday the 23rd.

Scott S & Jim C
SVFTC Match Directors

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Title: Re: Sac valley FT ... SVFTC April 2021 Match report
Post by: Gear_Junkie on May 03, 2021, 11:51:43 AM
This was a really fun match, thanks to everyone for organizing this and setting it up!  For the record, I would definitely say it was WINDY!   ;D