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Author Topic: Three more indoor shooting dates!  (Read 1714 times))

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Three more indoor shooting dates!
« on: March 11, 2017, 02:01:46 PM »
Got the winter blues?  Shake them off by shooting indoors at the Pinnacle Athletics Campus in Victor NY the next three Sundays!


Times: 4:30 to 6:00pm

Pinnacle Athletic Campus
7600 Pinnacle Dr
Victor, NY 14564

COST = $10.00
DISTANCE = up to 30 yards
MAX FPE allowed = 20 fpe  (no restriction is given on caliber)

WHAT TO BRING = Bucket, shooting sticks, pellet trap

* For those that do not have a pellet trap there are ones at Pinnacle for people to use  :-)

For one hour during this time there will be a friendly fun shoot at 25 yards.  Targets for this will be provided.  (No "official" scoring will be done here.)   :-)

Learn more about the outdoor competition at Pinnacle here:


1- All participants must sign a liability waiver available at the front desk (just one time). The next time you attend, you sign in as a guest. The cost is $10.00.

2- All air rifles must be fully cased while entering and moving about in the facility. Additionally, air rifles are only permitted in the range.

3- While the line is HOT, all range access doors must be closed (this includes the entrance doors).

4- Your target and target backstops must be set in front of the archery target wall to ensure that, in the event of a misfire or errant shot, the pellets can be contained by the archery backstop. Please only shoot at air gun targets, NOT the archery targets.

5- All pellets must be recovered in a trap no pellets or target hangers or any other foreign objects are to be left on the turf.

6- One participant must be deemed as the range official and is responsible for giving the clear to shoot and cease fire commands. This individual does not need to be a certified RSO but a responsible individual that has range experience.

7- Please abide by all other campus rules that are not listed here (see website). Please, Only air guns with a maximum of 20ft-lbs of energy due to nearness of walls and windows.

Pinnacle Athletic Campus
7600 Pinnacle Dr
Victor, NY 14564

Questions?  PM me or email me at


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