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Welcome to the GTA, Harold.
I had the same thing happen with an SSP 250. I think I didn't close gate all the way. I got a replacement gate and grommet from Baker Airguns.
Air Gun Gate / Re: Which way do I go?
« Last post by DanD on Today at 02:38:04 AM »
Well I think I know what I want, the HW80LS. ...

Do you have a link for that? I can't find anything about it.
Ed, just curious, isn't the HW95 .177 supposed to shoot 14+ FPE anyway?  825fps with the old spring is kind of weak, unless you were not using the factory spring?

Moved to the Pellets All Calibers gate.
Looks to me that on the proper target, you would be able to qualify as a Member.... 

Nice job!....

The Long Range Club / Re: What to buy for long range shooting
« Last post by rsterne on Today at 02:01:39 AM »
NOE's Ballistics Coefficients are calculated by their bullet design program, they have not been verified by chronograph.... The 75 gr.  in .257 cal has a slightly higher SD than the 106 gr. in .308 cal.... My bet would be that it also has a slightly higher BC.... Even if the calculated value for the 106 gr. is correct, the difference is so small as to make no significant difference in the trajectory or drift.... At the same velocity, the .308 will require about 40% more air per shot, and will have more recoil and report....

The bottom line, however, is use whichever combination is more accurate for you.... The ballistics are so close, accuracy trumps everything else....

"Bob and Lloyds Workshop" / Re: .22 airforce condor ss help!!
« Last post by rsterne on Today at 01:48:52 AM »
If there is air coming out of the middle of the top hat, it is coming through the hollow stem, which means the poppet is leaking.... You must empty the tank and remove the valve to repair it....

Daisy Gate / Re: 880 barrel?
« Last post by Howdy9 on Today at 01:21:39 AM »
Thanks Ronno. This is the 880 with the bent shroud. Checking on a new one for it so I can finish rebuilding it using the kit I got from you. This rifle has no sentimental value so aftermarket stuff doesn't bother me. My other 880 that I got straight from the factory is a different story, still a great shooter.
A friend used to say "Never let the facts get in the way of telling an interesting story". I did not agree, nor do now, but he went on to became a script writer and have a very comfortable life, LOL!

To complement the setting, y'all (I'm in North Carolina now)  need to remember that humans are really bad instruments.

The problem here is the limited power level of the chosen rifle. So, let's analyze some hard numbers:

In cal 0.177" this model has been registered to yield up to 12 ft-lbs
In cal 0.22" we have a reliable account of it yielding  8.3 ft-lbs (14.3 gr pellets at 512 fps)

So, that establishes the possible trajectories.
A 0.177 pellet at 12 ft-lbs, if zeroed at 25 yards/ 23 meters will be 2 mRad's down at 55 yrds, and it will take 1/4 of a second to get there. It will also drift 1.2 mRads for every 5 kph of wind
If you go to the 0.22"  cal at 512 fps, then the trajectory listed implies a drop of 4.6 mRads from apex, and wind drift can be estimated from tables that it will be of the order of 3 mRads per 5 kph of wind. Time of Flight can be estimated at 1/2 second (VERY noticeable, even to humans).

Now, HA may get a rangefinder, or he may get a good scope and learn to rangefind either using the focus of the scope, or using "bracketing", so he should be able to get an accurate range within 2 yds at 55
What is REAL HARD is to estimate the wind across the whole range the pellet has to cover, and in that sense, the wind drift is more important than the drop in POI.

In this sense, a lightweight 0.22" will be an advantage, as it can be driven almost as fast as 0.177", thereby giving very similar trajectories (vertically and horizontally) and still allows a greater area and penetration.



Air Gun Gate / Re: Air rifle storage?
« Last post by Howdy9 on Today at 01:05:24 AM »
I figured this topic has been debated or talked about since the beginning of time. My best rifle is a Benjamin Sheridan 397P. I need to get a case for it so it's not leaning against the front sight and I don't want to bump the scope either. It's in like new condition and I want to keep it that way, love my Benjamin. I plan on getting a springer soon so I'll have to get a case for that to. Not very educated on air rifles so I wasn't sure about muzzle up or down. Thanks for the replies.
"Bob and Lloyds Workshop" / .22 airforce condor ss help!!
« Last post by Robert84 on Today at 12:56:50 AM »
Leaking from top hat. Canít fix redid the seat nothing even has some wiggle room in top hat stem makes air come out faster from the middle. Fill port is sticking cleaned n still sticking n hand pumps not so good
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