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Author Topic: KALIBRGUN's Cricket 2 Tactical (Full Review) from Georgia Airguns  (Read 390 times))

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Hey guys! This week I was able to shoot the KALIBRGUN Cricket 2 Tactical 60 WTC (600mm barrel) in .22 caliber. Not since the Daystate Pulsar have I seen accuracy like this. This gun is beyond accurate: it's LASER accurate. I shot over 300 rounds out of this gun and did not get one flyer…out of 300 rounds!! That is the very definition of reliability. Great hunter, great target shooter. This gun is also loaded with features including adjustable power.

Enjoy the KALIBRGUN Cricket 2 Tactical in this full review video as it wreaks havoc on tiny targets (and bullseyes) out to 75 yards. Thanks for watching! -Nate

Click here for the review video on Youtube:


P.S. Guess what this is? The UPS guy just dropped it off.

Hint #1:  It's not in stores yet…

Hint #2:  It's larger than .25 caliber…

3 years of making air gun videos just paid off!
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