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Author Topic: XS60C CO2  (Read 369 times))

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« on: May 10, 2021, 12:32:57 PM »
I don't generally do reviews so if this falls short I apologize in advance.  My wife likes to shoot but can't handle recoil due to old injuries.  I decided to try her with an XS60C from Flying Dragon Air Rifles.  I made the right choice!!  It was a hit right off the bat.  I received the gun within a week of ordering and when we opened it I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was double boxed.  To me this shouts of a quality vendor.  We unpacked it and I found the gun to be nicely finished - it is a good looking gun.  It has adjustable fiber optic sights and a rubber butt pad.  It has a bolt action much like my old rimfire, though the stroke is shorter.    The gun arrived with CO2 installed, ready to go shoot, so we did.Mike sets each gun up for maximum shots or maximum power.  This is a back yard shooter so I requested maximum shots and .177 caliber.  The included shipping ticket indicated a medium tune yielding 700 fps.  That is plenty of power for a backyard plinker!!  The gun quickly sighted in at ten yards and wife soon got the hang of it.  I was encouraged to try it.  I think we were trying it out with some Gamo Hunter pellets which would  not shoot accurately in anything else I owned.  In this gun the results were truly amazing.  With the stock open sights I was getting same hole accuracy.  The shots were far enough off that it wasn't a perfect one hole but they weren't really far enough off to call it a cloverleaf.All in all it was money well spent as far as I'm concerned.  My only regret - I wish I'd done it sooner.  The price on the website ($130) includes setup and shipping.  You'll have to check out the Flying Dragon website for pictures.  After shooting my wife put HER gun away somewhere.  She'd probably drag it out for pictures but she's quite attached to HER gun.  It was a birthday present on Mothers' Day and it rated high on making it a fantastic birthday.
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Re: XS60C CO2
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2021, 09:02:54 PM »
great review, Thomas, and thanks for sharing

glad you have a wife that will shoot with you - makes a lot of difference (for the better)
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