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Title: Airmaks Arm's KATRAN Long (Full Review)
Post by: evinax-f-a on June 19, 2021, 05:08:19 AM

Hey guys! This week I got to shoot the Airmaks Arms KATRAN LB (Long Bottle). This outstanding gun will out shoot may of the guns that cost way more. This affordable PCP rifle is loaded with features: including top notch build quality, fit, and finish, light weight, CZ barrels, and adjustable power! I never touched the velocity adjuster, but at the "out of the box" tune, this gun is shooting just about every pellet at the perfect velocity. I would like to thank UTAH AIRGUNS for loaning me this gun for review. I am very happy I got a chance to shoot the KATRAN! …Thanks for watching! -Nate @ Airgun Channel

For the video review click here: (

P.S. For a review of the .25 KATRAN, with 100 yard shooting, velocity adjustment, and slugs: watch Air Velocity Sport's excellent review of the .25 caliber KATRAN Long

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The KATRAN Long comes with it's own hard case that will comfortably fit this whole gun, with the scope attatched, and a large LDC!