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Title: ARGUS 60 by Kalibrgun (Full Review) …a Polygon Barrel + Adjustable Power
Post by: evinax-f-a on March 20, 2021, 07:47:16 PM

Hey guys! Here is a look at the new Argus 60 from Kalibrgun. This robust bullpup PCP rifle offers many unique things you won't find anywhere else. The quality and performance of this rifle is top notch. This gun demonstrated to me that Kalibrgun will be a major contender in PCP market in the future. This is just the first of an exciting group of air rifles Kalibrgun has released this year….with more on the way. Your going to want to keep you eye on this company. Thanks for watching! -Nate

Click here to watch the video on Youtube: (

P.S. This video has some awesome shooting in it. Don't miss the damage! …also a sneak peak at a Top Secret C2T!