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You've Got To Check Your Screws (The Springer Airgun Song)

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How appropriate at this time in my rekindled air rifle journey...

Two days ago I was test firing a pre-owned Diana 54 AirKing I was considering purchase of.  On the second shot there was a screw sitting on the bench.  I wound up buying the gun and now I get to figure out where that screw came from!  :-)

I just recently wondered why my shot groups on my HW95 kept getting worse and worse. The second 20 bull target was considerably worse than the first. :-[
I felt terrible because I thought I'd lost any progress I'd made on perfecting my hold. :-\

Then in the middle of the night it occurred to me that the screws might be loose... So much for remembering the basics of springers.
When I checked the next day, sure enough one of the stock screws was about to fall out. Rookie mistake!  ::)
The blue Loctite has been applied to the stock and trigger screws for a week or two.
Time to get it back out and try again. I imagine the groups can only get tighter, right?  :D

I love that song it's hilarious and so well done!
Is she a member on here?


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