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You've Got To Check Your Screws (The Springer Airgun Song)

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--- Quote from: AirGunner on May 03, 2019, 10:58:47 PM ---MY HW97 had loose screws yesterday. Accuracy was not the same until I checked my screws. I'll check more often.

--- End quote ---

I put blue LocTite on the screws and they haven't come loose yet.  When you want to remove them, just heat up the screw head with the tip from a soldering iron.

WARNING: Don't use the red LocTite.  Always use the blue stuff.

Dead Springer:
Just learned this lesson again...

LOL!   That was funny!

Today was a Hatsan check your screw day, install a dovetail to picatinny adapter and scope. Shot 140pellets and had a great time. Busted lots of paper.

Sesame Street knew long ago, if we just put a catchy song to it They'll pay attention and learn! Great Idea, and thank you. I lent my springer to a friend and his son a couple years ago. I should at least go over there and "check the screws", or buy another one. Or Both?
Kinda miss that gun.


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