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Went for a plane ride in my buddy's Remos G3, check it out if you like.



There are no pictures of me!   LOL

Great stuff Rick, love it. and thanks for sharing. You should supply dispoable barf bags with this post buddy, for those of us that get sick when flying high...:)

 Awesome ride i'm sure rick,  i just can't bring myself to do it anymore. As a kid i rode in my uncles piper cub many times, even flew it with him always of course. Went to kitty hawk, N.C. 15 years ago and my wife and i took a chartered flight in an old cessna 172, there are very high winds and terrific gusts off that side of the seaboard and i swore if i ever got out of that plane i'd never fly again. And i have not. :)     Jeff

 You guys should have done a touch and go landing in the field next to the pool area of the nudest colony, both you and they would have gotten an eye full. LOL!!!


Very cool! Thanks for the pix!


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