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Sounds like a great way to meat other people in your area and build interest in matches. I'm in !!!

I would be in also.  Im always looking for someone to shoot with

GTA used to have one.  Might try to search it.


--- Quote from: Bullit on May 05, 2014, 07:08:17 PM ---GTA used to have one.  Might try to search it.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Bullit,
Ok, I found an old thread about it from 2011, but when I clicked the link in the first post, it says "No File Found".

Anyone here care to make a new one for us ?

 Maybe if we get a new one going, the Admins can make it a sticky, (that way it would not get lost into the archives abyss), and then when new members sign onto the GTA, we could welcome them, and invite them to add their spot ?

Great idea!! Sign me up!!


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