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CZ Slavia 634 Review By Jerrycup Brought Forward From Old GTA


Earlier this week I received my new Slavia CZ634 via Gene Curtis. I bought right at year end from Hit & Run in Tucker, GA ( sale) for $199.
Incidentally, he told me that this was the last one he had, and that they had raised his wholesale lot cost to $180 each. He said at that price he will not import any more.

Had it shipped directly to Gene Curtis, to tune it. I read all I could about the gun, postings on all sources were favorable, but some reports said the gun ships almost totally dry.

My intent was to get a .177 rifle that will perform like my BAM B-26 .22 cal. Of course, I coulda just gotten another BAM, but even Mike Melick told me that the CZ was a good choice when I asked what he suggested.

My first air rifle purchase was just last year, and the BAM Mike sold me was great from day one. I don't own a lot of rifles, but consider myself a shooter from way back, could always hit a target with a Daisy BB gun, numerous .22 powder burners, or most any rifle. Must admit, my patience for contortions in holding, pellet selection, etc. etc. does not compare with many of you in this forum. So the BAM was a great first choice for me (thanks Dano and others). It just works for me, and I find nothing to dislike.

I've shot quite a few from my brother's collection, and I think I can hit as well with the B-26 as any other springer. The .22 packs a wallop (a few hundred rounds will destroy a steel Gamo pellet trap) and my thought had been that a .177 would be even better for casual target shooting and plinking.

I asked Gene to adjust the trigger for a light but noticeable pull, as I prefer to be able to put my finger on the trigger without my pulse releasing the sear. He fabricated and installed a muzzle break, and applied magical potions inside the gun.

The B-26 and the CZ634 are almost identical in overall length, at 42.3 inches. The CZ is five ounces lighter at 8 lb 2 oz (with scope and mount). They handle much alike. I believe the Czechs have achieved a better balance on this rifle, and I immediately liked the shape and feel of the forestock. It's pretty much flat on the bottom, and there are grooves cut into the wood on both sides that provide a sure fit for the finger tips. I also liked the feel of the shooting grip, and the geometry of the trigger action. My trigger finger pulls in the right arc to have even pressure on the surface of the metal, and feels very natural.

I had ordered a new mount (the eBay special "One Piece High Power Magnum Airgun Scope Mount Stop Pin" from Dehai Wang) and a Bushnell Trophy 4-12 x 40 wide angle AO scope (which I got for $90 from Natchez last September).

So my investment is $215 for the gun, $102 for the scope, and $21 for the mount. Gene's fee (a gift from my generous brother) was in the $100 ballpark. We're talking well over $400. More than I intended, as you start out this search reading about the CZ 634 as a cheap but good gun.

OK, then we get to yesterday. Looking it over, the scope rails on the CZ634 are really short. Just about 45 mm in length, so the eBay 5 screw mount (they really need to name that thing) would not fit. I knew it, but I had figured the Accushot one piece installed on my B-26 would work. Now I wish I had just ordered another one, but I dismounted the Centerpoint scope on the B-26, and put the Accushot on the CZ634.

I have been really happy with the Centerpoint 3-9x40 AO on my B-26. Sharp and bright. But when I finally had the mount and the Trophy roughly set on the CZ, pulling up the new gun to look through the scope, the sight produced a genuine "wow". This Trophy 4-12 is really nice. Big wide view, and beautiful detail on the target. Another ten minutes or so of Allen wrench twisting, and I had it clamped tight and in perfect position for eye relief.

It was getting dusky, so I put up a piece of paper at 10 yards and hit within a few inches of the aimpoint. The Trophy has very nice adjustments, they spin easily with definite clicks, and don't require any screw setting to be in adjustment range. The covers are nicely threaded and have o-rings. Sweet. Had to dial about two full turns on elevation, but it was now within an inch at 10 yards. Getting darker, so I put up a Gamo bullseye target at 20 yards. This entire process took about 45 minutes, and I am not that facile at this sort of mechanics, prone to messing up and having to start over, etc.

Using a tripod rest, I balanced near the trigger guard, and tried a ten shot group. First shot about an inch and a half high. Nine more quick shots form a pretty decent group, and I am feeling pretty good about it. It's windy, and I just picked up a tin, RWS Superdomes. A few more clicks on the Bushy, and I try a second group of ten. Not quite on the aimpoint yet, but this group is better. Penny sized, and I was not shooting all that carefully and in suboptimal conditions - remember this group represents about shot number 25 through 35 from the rifle - YAY!!

In short, the results are even better than I hoped for a first try. This gun is 100% tight. As others have noted, there are many details of the CZ that show first class gunsmithing. It's screwed together well. Whack the stock with the heel of your hand, it does not buzz or rattle in any way, and there is no hollow thunk, it just seems to have complete integrity. Perfect balance. It's what I wanted - a gun I can expect to hit with, and not have to deal with how high to lift the pinky, whether or not to shave, or weigh out the pellets and insert them with a rounded dowel. Forgive the sardonic tone, but life is too short...

I'll close out this bragging with a couple of photos. The wood grain is great, and I'd guess maybe ash? No blemishes, although the finish is kind of matte. Mike polished my B-26 stock to a mirror finish, and it is very pretty but it already has a few nicks. I think this CZ is going to be a gem. Thank you, Tommy and Gene. I hope to get out there today and try a few other pellets and distances. I hope it will eat up all those cheap CPHP's I stocked for the Whisper.


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