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Hi guys.... today was an excellent experience in where I met by first time after 2 years in this hobby a group
of people involved with airguns in Puerto Rico. My day began 5:00 am to get my stuff and go to the west area of PR..... 2 hours drive.

I saw beautiful rifles from modified QB'S with lother barrels with excellent presicion, 5 rifles HW-100, evolutions and Styer's.  Wow.... we started the competition at 10am. In my case I went to learn about field target rules and everything. The guys told me few adjustments that I have make to my marauder and few other things.  I do not I had any scope chart or nothing set for this competition... neither I have never shooted from a sitting position like is done at Field target in my case Hunter Field Target... just a 50 yard cero... but I competed anyway to have fun.

From 9 lines with 3 silohuettes and 2 shots per silohuette.....for a 54 points total ..... I did 29 points ( I just estimated the distance using dots....  I won the last position... HE HE HE.

There was a guy with perfect score.... a lot of experience, too and a suberv.... HW-100.

After the competition at the range.... A BBQ followed the new friendship that began to us today.

NOTE: Next Month will be another competition, and I am sure I will be on the 40's.

Here few pictures


looks to me you had a great time. thanks david

looks like some good shooting weather there in puerto rico  ;D

Yes the weather was excellent.... and the day was completly SUPER NICE in the competition.



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