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Attention: PaloneJ ~ New Challenge


JoeBoy ~

Forget the 550-Yard challenge.  I just managed to find five more yards on
my property for a new target.  So we're now talking about a 555-Yard match.
You and me.  (Actually, it's on my neighbor's property.  Don't tell.)

I shot 20 rounds today at that target.  Only hitting within five inches of bull
for now.  So buck up, bucko.  Better git on out there, my mean friend.
'Cause I'll get closer soon.

Gotta say I am impressed by your recent 50-yard target.  What was it?
189/200 with an X or two.  So what?  I've not shown you what I'm doing.
It'll be a surprise when we get that 50-Yard match started later this Fall.
I'll show you then.  Better keep practicing.  I won't offer a money bet because
I'd hate to take your hard earned cash.  After all, your cute wife would be
perturbed for weeks.

Okay, I'm through firing for tonight.  Rifle in the rack.  100 rounds tomorrow!

~ Chaff, the ancient blind master who shoots by braille


He he he.....I only showed you one target ya hustler!!!!


--- Quote from: palonej on September 27, 2013, 12:27:49 AM ---He he he.....I only showed you one target ya hustler!!!!

--- End quote ---

You're laughin' now

I just realized you are living in the midst of extremely bright people.

I know where you live.  I have been there.  Super bright peeps.

No wonder you are so smart.  You can't help it.  They will insist that
you be smart.


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