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Marauder Investment

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JFYI Here is my total cost not including tank refills, pellets, etc.  Prices include shipping and handling charges.

424.98 Benjamin.22 Marauder...Midway USA
155.62 Centerpoint 3-12x44ao scope and rings... Amazon
294.99 Worthington 80cf 3441psi steel scuba tank and valve...DiveGearExpress
102.49 Benjamin refill scuba yoke...Crosman
978.08 Total

Here is the cost of my Crosman/Remington NPSS .22 cal. Scope included...Amazon
266.57 Total



I'll just have to see that the wife,she who has to be obeyed, never reads this!!!

What are you trying to say?

You could have saved money on the scope, scuba tank. even on the fill adapter by shopping around without giving up quality.

4x16 centerpoint scope from walmart $80

used 80cu. steel Scuba tank craigslist $100, still in hydro, add $15 for visual

airforce fill adapter/quick disconnect PA $90

like you said it is an investment....But don't blame the marauder :-\  That fill station is not gonna be just for the mrod. The title should say AIRGUN investment because you WILL be buying another pcp down the line and you are putting money into your hobby right? which is suppose to last for years anyways, so who is counting

I agree, comparing a PCP and the NPSS is like comparing apples and oranges.   The fill adapter can be used on other PCP's and they are available at lower prices.  Same for the tank. I got a nice used tank for $100 bucks, available at most dive shops.  As for the scope and rings, it does appear you payed a premium price for those items.  The walmart by me is selling the Centerpoint 4x16x40 for $69 and it's a really nice scope that is perfect for the marauder.  

As CitySniper already said,, those items would be a necessary purchase for anyone just getting into PCP's so it's not the Marauders fault.  Just think, now that you have all the basic gear you are now free to purchase other PCP's and all you'll have to deal with is the cost of the gun  :)

BTW.. congrats on the Marauder, you will no doubt love it.  



--- Quote from: CitySniper on November 30, 2010, 09:59:58 AM ---What are you trying to say?

--- End quote ---

Not complaining. Just showing everyone what I have spent so far.  My next purchase will be the Marauder pistol.

BTW I did find a used 100cf aluminum tank with visual sticker and with 1 year left on hydro at my local dive shop $100.00, but decided to buy new. I also found the scope at Walmart you are speaking of, but that is not what I wanted. Yes there are better deals.



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