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BEFORE calling Crosman

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BIG Disclaimer Inserted here!!!!

BEFORE you open up your airgun and call Crosman, be advised if it is under warranty and you open it up, you just voided your warranty. Crosman will not be expected to honor any parts replacement or repairs without charging you. If it's out of warranty, feel free to open it up and do what you need to do.

Help Make Ordering Easier For Crosman Order Desk

Suggestion to make ordering from Crosman service center much more efficient. They receive hundreds of calls a day. When they have to do parts look up for each call it delays the next callers service.

I am putting up a link for Crosman Pistols and Rifles here for easy access so one can look up part numbers ahead of calling orders in. Hopefully this will help some.

At least the GTA is helping Crosman out. Spread the word and this link so it may be easier to order parts next time.

Service Center Phone Number. (800)724-7486

Link to all Crosman Owners and Parts manuals available for Pistols:

Link to all Crosman Owners and Parts manuals available for all Air Rifles:

Link to all Benjamin and Sheridan Rifle Manuals:

Link to all Benjamin and Sheridan Pistol Manuals:

Link to all Remington Airgun Manuals:

Link to Center Point Optics Manuals:


Right On!

Thnkx for the info...sure would be nice if they listed the parts manuals and diagram for the benji trail

Thanks Dave, very helpfull

Thank you,Dave! Very good idea!


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