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Any Edgun owners here?

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I'm wondering what the Edgun is like. I've seen the You Tube videos, but nothing like learning from someone who owns one. Anyone?

Edgun Owners seem to be a quiet bunch! ;D

They are kind of like the snipe..... just need to sneak up on them and flash them with a light.

They seem to be great little rifles, just wish they weren't $1500 :(

Would be nice to see a US based company make a nice bull pup that could compete with the rifle.

all they need to do is make a bull pup kit for the Mrod, like the guy on the yellow. a stock  and a trigger unit...wala Marauder bullpup

there is another picture i was thinking of but I could not find it.....the point is that the mrod is a perfect platform for a bullpup. SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE A KIT!!!

Whats so good about a bullpup? I cant quite understand them


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