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Bargain Hunter:

Willing to trade:
.22 JSB Heavy Diabolo 18.13gr (250)
.22 Crosman Powershot Red Flight Penetrator 16.7 gr. (150) NOTE, these are at least twice the length of a standard pellet, will not fit in magazines... not that i know of

.25 Nelson Specialty Ammo at 36gr (200) (they are currently OOS at NSA) Note: don't be like me and try to shoot slugs down pellets barrels :P, do your research!

Looking for for .25 JSB King Diablo 25.39

I have 3 (1,250 count ea) boxes of Crosman Premier 7.9 grain dome pellets.  2 Boxes are sealed, never opened, and 1 box has been opened but has more in it than the sealed boxes because I put more into it from another box before re-sealing it.  Note the opened box weighs more than the sealed boxes, there are about 60 pellets to an ounce.  I sold all my .177 caliber guns.  I still have several .22 caliber guns and can use either some .22 caliber pellets (prefer Crosman Premier .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Domed) or some PCP parts like air hoses, connectors or filters.   These boxes are pretty heavy, about a pound and a half each so I will have to check on the cost of shipping.

20220511_205652 by Bush Wacker, on Flickr

20220511_205048 by Bush Wacker, on Flickr

20220511_205030 by Bush Wacker, on Flickr

20220511_205116 by Bush Wacker, on Flickr

have 2 newly bought unopened tins of 25.4gn air arms field .25 

would trade them for .25 FX 26gn hybrid slugs.

I also have 3 x 500 count tins of Crosman Premier .177 caliber 7.9 grain Hollow Points and 6 x 500 count tins of Crosman Premier .177 caliber 10.5 grain Ultra Magnum Heavy.  Prefer to trade for Crosman Premiere .22 Caliber Premium 14.3 grain Domed or Hollow Point or PCP parts like air hoses, bottles, connectors or other items like targets, etc.

20220516_224726 by Bush Wacker, on Flickr

20220516_224717 by Bush Wacker, on Flickr

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