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Thanks, that's what I was going for.  I've got a few other types to put up but, there will only be enough for a sample.
I might be able to save a buck or 2 if I leave out the box. Then, they might get damaged in transit. I'm new to this so suggestions are accepted.

And you don't have to be young and struggling to sign up. Old and (struggling?) is just as good. along with Grouchy, Goofy, Sleepy, Dopey, and the rest of the dwarfs.

I'm also going to post some review-like write-ups on some "classic" airguns you've probably never seen before. First, I've got to count all these freakin' pellets.

Stay tuned...

I would weigh them instead of counting.

I'm doing that now. But first you have to establish a baseline by counting them until you get a grain weight that's repeatable. Sometimes it takes a few tries.
For example; if you're off by a tenth of a grain. Multiply that by 50 and you get a number that's either high or low by 1. It's not too hard to be off by a tenth.
Plus, they don't always weigh what the specs claim. Once you get a 50 pellet weight that's within a couple tenths of the calculated weight, that's the true pellet weight.
And then all you have to do is go back and forth from grains to grams.

 I think I found a more economical way to ship these... If you can do without the box, I can mail them in a padded envelope (see pic)... I think The ability of the USPS to process a parcel of this nature depends on who you talk to at the Post Office. If this is indeed the case, I could get them packed and out the door for $3.00 As long as the package makes it through the machinery, all is well.
 I used to feel sorry for the postal workers after hearing of the crazy stuff going on there recently. However, that feeling quickly goes away the more I have to interact with them.

 Will this work? who knows. If you want to give it a go. you don't even have to pay until after you receive them. These are H&N pellets (marked as Marksman) and I have a few tins of 500 I could sell (if the shipping can be worked out)
Let me know if you're interested


I have 10 tins of .22 Barracuda 18 to offer.

None of my guns like them better than what I'm already using.

I don't need more pellets at the moment, but could use more 12g co2.  Or another pellet pistol! :)
Anyway, don't know what they're worth in trade, but if you're interested, PM me or text google voice # 503-567-9567
Frank in Oregon


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