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FT match in N.E. Oregon on Aug 7th.


Hello All,

I've planned an informal Field Target match for August 7th, 09:00, in Pendleton, Oregon.  There doesn't seem to be any good place on this new site to advertise.  

If anyone's interested, there will be two rounds of shooting with a lunch break in between.  $5.00 for just shooting the course or $10.00 for shooting and a burger/salad/beverage for lunch.  This isn't for profit, just to cover the food and some of the target costs.

I've never been to a field target match before and I'm not following any particular rules.  This is just for fun and to expose people to air rifles and their capabilities.  Everyone will compete against each other with a run-what-ya-brung format.  No FPE limit (within reason).  There will be some knock-down targets, some spinners, some water balloons, etc. at normal field target ranges of 10-55 yards.  There will also be a couple special tests at unknown ranges over 55 yards.  I'm trying to energize the AR crowd around this area and I request that all attendees allow other interested parties to shoot their AR for a few shots to try it out after the match.  

If anyone is interested they can call me @ (541) 278-9766 or e-mail me @


Hey Doug,

I started a post on the GTA Calendar, add any information that will fit !

You already have posted it HERE, and that the Shooting Forums, ARE A GREAT PLACE TO BE !!!!


I'm build the knock-down targets for this event.  I printed out some targets today and will plasma cut them out of 1/8" steel in the next couple days.  They will be mounted on car tire rims buried in the ground.  I found a 3000' reel of 200# nylon cord on ebay for $12 to use for reset strings.  I've also got a Gamo field target that I'll throw in the mix.  Next stop is good will for 4-5 used spoons.  I picked up a fire alarm bell from the junk yard and will make a bell target for one of the stations.  Should be a fun event.

What do you think of the knock-down target patterns?


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