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Walther Force 1000 Combo


So, I ordered the refurb Walter Force 1000 Combo (4X32 Walther Scope and two piece mounts) from Air Guns Daily for $64 early Friday (10/8/2010) and it came today (10/15/2010) via UPS and I thought I'd throw my intital review up real quick. Keep in mind I have not shot this AG yet so take it for what it's worth.

Ordering was easy, received a confirmation email within an hour and a tracking number from a secondary source later in the day. Shipping to VA was $14.99 and I knew that up front. I waited patiently (yeah, right) all week and have been off all this week so there was nothing to occupy my mind. I waited all day hoping it would get here before the wife got home but you know it was delivered 15 minutes AFTER she got home (6:15pm).

As I was walking upstairs after signing for the package I hear "What's that?" and I mumble something about a refurd for 60% off and how it was a deal. She did not throw anything at me so I knew I was good. ;)

Upon initial package inspection, the box was damage free. I opened the box and saw it was double boxed but no packing material around it. Box to Box...kinda like skin in skin. Removed the secondary box and opened it the AG was held in place by three Styrofoam pieces. Not a big deal but something I was kinda concerned about.

I put it in a corner and waited for a few hours before I did some work on it. Finally brought it down to the living room after the wife was asleep to really inspect it. The wood has a great grain to it but have to plastic screw hole plugs to cover the front stock screws. The stock also had two R's stamped into it on both sides, as well as the barrel and receiver. Refurb markings. Not a big deal but the plugs are annoying. Also came with supplied scope stop. Loctite on the screws and oiled the moving pieces after removing all grease and cleaning the barrel.

The stock has a good grain to it and a good finish. Walther Force 1000 in silver on top of receiver. Sights in good condition and are quite good. After all the posts/subject matter I did I was under the impression this AG was made in Turkey...not so. It has a big MADE IN CHINA right on the barrel. No biggie, I have other AG's made in China. Open sights are fully adjustable and sits very well on my shoulder. Stock doesn't have any checkering, which would have improved the look, but no complaints.

Disassembled the AG for cleaning and noticed the front trigger guard screw was screwed in too tight and cracked the inside of the stock but didn't affect the outside. The trigger was VERY stiff but noticed there were three screws. One for trigger spring stiffness and two others in the trigger similar to the CDT trigger but in a plastic trigger with plastic trigger guard. Adjusted the spring stiffness all the way out and was very surprised at how light the trigger pull was.

Cleaned the barrel (inside and out) and polished the stock. The two stage trigger screws will be adjusted when I can actually shoot it but they look to be adjustable by jewelers slotted screwdrivers. The muzzle brake is metal but the front sight is plastic and has two screws holding it to the brake. I am impressed by the feel and quality considering the price. Now I just need to see how it shoots.

I apologize for the pics as they come from a cell. More to follow once I get out and shoot this thing.

JMJ in NC:
I posted a short review of mine on Airgun Gate.,3495.0.html

Mine was "Walther Force 1000" etched on the receiver, has a metal trigger with a waffle pattern, and a plastic trigger guard. Mine is also made in China. I haven't messed with the stage 1 or stage 2 screws yet - I'll start by lightening the trigger pull.

The stock is well suited to large hands (which I have) so I'm pretty happy with the gun, even more so for $65! I don't miss the checkering on the stock, since most shooting will be via artillery hold (loose) or bench.

The Walther scope is pretty nice, but since mine had a defect, I swapped it for a Winchester 3-9x32 with slightly taller see-thru rings and a pair of Butler Creek Multi-flex caps.



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