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What YOU do with empty pellet tins?

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Do tell...
Toss em?  Wallpaper?  Targets?  Jewelry?   ::)

I stuffed four CPHP tins with Duct Seal, one for each gun.  Have not shot them yet.
Might even add one to my Flava Flav turbo-tuned clock chain - just need to figure out what to keep in it.   ???


I stack them in my basement next to my shooting area as a monument to my addiction LOL.

I think there is somewhere around 7000 or 8000 pellets worth of tins stacked up.  And that's just since the hobby started last summer.  :D

Shoot! Then see them ting off when they get shot, than i usually shoot them once or twice when they are on the ground.

I like to fill em 3/4 full with candle wax, tape the lid on, and shoot 'em. The wax catches most pellets and you get that satisfying "tink" when they hit.

 I take the empty tins from crosman that are threaded and put the European pellets in them. Just put a new paper label on them. No more spills.



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