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I get very busy with the forum and my more than full time job and don't always have time to reply to your introduction post. I DO look at all new member registrations and have the system send you a note of welcome to GTA Forums. But that isn't really a personal welcome. Sorry if I missed personally welcoming some of you.
So WELCOME to GTA International Forums!!!!
We are proud to have you join our group of airgun addicts. If you have not done so already, PLEASE read through the forum rules here...,919.0.html
We pride ourselves in being the best, most friendly, informative and family oriented airgun site on the internet. And it's all because of our fantastic membership. And you have become a part of that family. Please keep your account active by posting. We LIKE pictures too, it helps feed our airgun addictions. After all, we're not a support group, we're enablers. HaaHaa
There are a lot of GATES on the forum but don't let it confuse you. The madness will make sense after a while. You will probably find 1 or more that you frequent the most. But be sure to just look around in all of them to get a feel of WHY they are there. And be sure to use the Search and Advanced Search features. If you are looking for something in particular and the search does not help, PLEASE feel free to ask in a post. There are a lot of very knowledgable and friendly folks that will help you get an answer to your question(s). And do it without biting your head off...LOL.
We are proud to have a WIDE variety of airgun enthusiasts and professionals in our GTA family. We have professional airgun tuners, competition shooters, designers and engineers, TV hosts, several vendors and of course a vast gathering of shooters, tinkerers and enthusiasts with just a few days to MANY years of hands-on knowledge. We are extremely proud of every member and their contributions to keep this forum the fantastic place it is.
Anyway, on behalf of Gene, Bob, Harry, myself, all the other staff and members, I want to extend a personal welcome to each and every one of you. And for all of you old timers, THANK YOU for making and keeping GTA "THE" place to be on the World Wide Web.
And as always....
Happy Shooting!!!!

....and to add a little more. LOL
PLEASE take a look in the Library for tons of VERY useful info our members have assembled.
Be sure to make a visit or post in the Vendor Gate of some of our fine folks.
We add vendor gates and their name to the Mall when they prove to give exceptional and ethical customer service. Be sure to support those that support GTA. A lot of our vendors and members have donated items to raffle to raise funds for GTA. We are a non sponsored site and generate our needed operating funds from donations by our fantastic members and vendor members!!!!
MANY thanks to all of those that have given!!!!

Very true....a big welcome to all the new members.  I try to welcome each and every one.....but I`m sure I missed quite a few because there`s always new members joining everyday (And that`s a wonderful thing).

I admit I'm not so good at keeping up with the welcomes for new member. Need to work on that...

But to any and all new members WELCOME TO THE GTA, please fasten your seat belts and hang on. There are many fun but slippery slopes ahead for your wallets.  For an example, I know some of you are saying " I won't ever spend $400 on a airgun", I said that at one point to.

So again welcome to the gta

Golly Dez, I've been on there awhile did you mistake me for some one else.


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