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Do Not Enter The Hunting Forum If You Have A Weak Stomach "Graphic Intense"


"Special Note" This Forum is for air gun field hunting. There may be graphics that may not be desirable to view.
"Please do not "Enter" this forum if you oppose the explicit graphics or do not condone this Sport.
"Illegal Game Kills and Pictures" Due to various State and Federal laws regarding pest control, small game, and hunting implements... The GTA asks that you know your area's gaming laws, and do not incriminate yourselves with state and federal laws regarding protected species.  Posts of illegal harvests may be removed at the discretion of the GTA staff.

The following information was provided by LongislandHunter and SDale, members of the GTA.

"Important Gaming Links to help with identifying birds, etc."
1. Birds of North America
2. Visual Key for Bird Identification
3. All About Birds, Species, Etc.
4. State DNR Addresses "State Departments of Natural Resources"

Here's the Cornell link......

Here's the "DNR" link........

Here's another one where you can look up a bird by silouette.


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