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Ruger Air Hawk Stock Complete!

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uncle paulie:
First I have to get it back....Been through a number of stressfull issues with this one, failure to group...bad scope...bent barrel(did it all by myself)and the last one is that my dealer offered to return it for me, I give it to them on the 1st, they give me a call on the 8th to tell me they got a return authorization from Crosman( which I ALREADY had!) and would be sending it out on the 9th! Does it get any better than that????????? I might be re-seasoning, cleaning, tuning & sealing, AND refinishing by Labor Day( I'm guessing Crosman will have to send it back through the dealer, (regardless of my request to them that they return it directly to me), Where it will likely sit around for a while till they decide to call me to let me know it has come back from Crosman (two weeks prior)!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Nice job Brother, THAT is how a stock is supposed to look.



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