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1377C trigger mod

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I was working on all my airguns today and opened my 1377c the trigger pull was horrendous.  I disassembled the gun, and as I was taking out the safety....  spring "clink"... I was like wth was that.   the saftey retaining ball and spring went missing.  So I used a flashlight searched around and got lucky found them both!
    So as advised by some thread at the crosman gate.  I compressed my spring to where there is very little pressure against the hammer.   I also sanded the hammer where it engages with 600 grit paper.  NOTE!  (I only smoothed the corner off this area!  If you take off too much it won't stay cocked.) 
I started reassembling and had a great time getting the saftey spring and ball in.. I eventually used a small allen key to compress the spring back in the slot drop the ball in and then push the saftey 'pin' in. 

Just doing those two things made a huge!!! difference.  I highly recommend doing this.  before I could hardly pull the trigger!

I did the same mod on my 1377, I had my doubts as to how much it would help but was pleasantly surprised with a much lighter pull.

Wait till you install a trigger shoe.

I have a couple trigger shoes for my old school paintball markers.... if/when I get a 1377 I will try to get one of those to fit :)

 Yeah, adding a trigger shoe is like icing on the cake! Here's the last one I made...


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