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My New TX Cocking Arm Wonít Lock Up


Frank in Fairfield:
At the range today with the new TX (The trigger first stage is nasty) and after about 40 shots the cocking arm was very difficult to dis-engage. Then, after cocking it was very difficult to lock up under the barrel.
I came home and sent a message to the current WFTF Springer champion and asked for help.
It said the gizmo at the end of the cocking arm was becoming un-screwed..
I didnít know it screwed in.
I checked it and made some photos after a bit of blue LOC-TITE:

Years ago I hd mine go the other way during a match. It wouldnít stay closed.

Had a TX for years now and never knew that the end unscrewed.  Never thought about it as mine never came unscrewed.  Thanks for sharing.  I learned something today.

Hmmmm interesting. Glad you figured it out:)


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