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Pro Sport spring guide?

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--- Quote from: nced on April 11, 2024, 08:18:34 PM ---"this gun feels like an expertly tuned gun, out of the box."
Several years ago a shooter used his LGV at a field target match I attended and he let me take a few shots with it. Well, the gun was nicely finished and accurate, however I was less that "impressed" with the shot cycle. Still, I was curious enough to check the LGV further and was a bit disappointed by the cast metal clam shell assembly, stamped sheet metal trigger parts and "plastic" trigger blade considering the price...........

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I agree the trigger system realization (but not function!) is the What Were They Thinking? moment for the LGV / LGU. Every gun has 'em, no matter the price tag or prestige, from the Lowe's aluminum profile, hand-digging cocking arm of the ProSport, or the cast, crack-prone cocking shoe of all AA springers on.

After thousands and thousands of pellets shot from my LGV, the trigger works perfectly. The superbly positioned and functioning re-settable safety is a joy to use, the best on the market. If I get tired of the plastic trigger blade, metal aftermarket ones are to be had from several sources.

I have heard of LGV's that didn't have a superb shot cycle. Early specimens especially seem to have had issues, no different from car manufacturers. But there are many who had the same experience as me. Tom Gaylord and Terry Doe, for a couple of illuminaries from both sides of the Pond. "The best new breakbarrel of the past 50 years" quote is no exaggeration.

FWIW, my LGV is a late one, from after many years of production.

These days, people seem to pay way more for an LGV than what they went for when new. How's that for appreciation?


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