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Pro Sport spring guide?

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After using hw97k for years, i wanted to step up the game and bought a pro sport .177.

And it surely is very nice after hw97k but one thing wonders me:

It is widely kept as ”tuned from the factory gun” that you dont have to mess with by any means. Why is the spring guide so loose in this gun? Should it be so? Even my hatsan 125 has a tight fit spring guide, not to mention my Weihrauch.

Is it faulty? I paid 1025€ for the gun so i was expecting something else.

The twang is not horrible but it is there, even though very little.

Maybe my expectation was too high regarding the shot cycle from the factory :)

Trigger and everything else sure is on another level.

There are no spring guns, at any price point, anymore, that didn't usually need work to make them tick. Twangy AA's aren't rare, and some of them have had serious manufacturing defects, up to cracked compression chambers, over the past decade or so. Ordering online, without a test shoot, is pretty close to rolling the dice, although the percentages go up the higher up the food chain you go.

My Walther LGV, like many other LGV's, was perfect from the get go. Gaylord wrote of his: "this gun feels like an expertly tuned gun, out of the box.", and I agree. But even here, there were people who had twangy etc. LGV's. And they aren't manufactured anymore, because it was just too expensive to make spring guns like that.

Frank in Fairfield:
In my TX200, Motörhead, put in a DELRIN spring guide he made on his lathe.
This seems to be done by all tuners.
The ProSport uses the same spring guide.
I watched Scott do it and if I had a lathe I could make one.
When I rebuilt my TX Scott’s spring guide was TOO tight for the new spring so I didn’t use it.
Now the TX is a little twangy.
(Note: I shot my R1 for 30 years before I joined the GTA and became aware of TWANG.)
But it doesn’t bother me one IOTA!

"this gun feels like an expertly tuned gun, out of the box."
Several years ago a shooter used his LGV at a field target match I attended and he let me take a few shots with it. Well, the gun was nicely finished and accurate, however I was less that "impressed" with the shot cycle. Still, I was curious enough to check the LGV further and was a bit disappointed by the cast metal clam shell assembly, stamped sheet metal trigger parts and "plastic" trigger blade considering the price...........

Anywhoo, certainly a "different strokes for different folks" issue with this one!

Frank in Fairfield:
I agree with you Ed.
I had an LGV for a very short while.


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