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Baker Discovery Boss air valve and stock lug fit interference

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While ordering parts to re-seal my disco, decided to try a Baker Boss vlave.
No good reason other than curiosity.   I liked the large bore and evident work to smooth the air flow.

Fist time I installed it, had a leak that had to be from the valve o-ring.  Re-did it and sealed fine.

Glitch when reassembling the gun, the stock lug is too long and hits the valve  leaving the trigger group not snugged down. 

Do you all just shorten the excess threaded length?  Would not seem to hurt screw strength.

Did a search here but found no mention of the fit issue?  Asked Baker but no response.

If I recall, the relief groove in the "Boss" valves is shallower than an OEM Disco valve. So the only way to make things work is ti shorted the threads . Just shorten it enough to still engage the tube wall fully.

A lot more shallow relief.  Thought I might have the wrong part.

Shortening the screw seemed obvious, but I prefer not to modify parts only to find out I missed something in the installation.

Probably of no surprise to the PCP tuning experts here, but I took a few chrono shots with just the valve in place of the stocker.
Was curious if just the high flow valve had any effect on pellet helicity with no other changes.

Same same, 814-816 fps.  I suppose the benefit of the fancy valve comes in when the power it cranked up and the air really starts flowing.  Good to know it is just money at stock power levels.

Will go back to the stock valves with double o-rings for more dependable sealing since there is no benefit at stock velocities.
I just want a long shot string and consistency.

Anyone wants the Baker valve, it is yours for the USPS small flat rate to your address.

Just sent you a PM


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