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Crosman Diamondback .22 NP2 / NP Elite FPS chrono testing


I got a Crosman Diamondback .22 with the NP2/NP Elite gas ram spring in late 2022 and recently got a Amazon $50 chronograph to test it out. The chrono is the type with poles, not the kind attached to the barrel. Before the chrono tests the rifle had about 150 - 300 shots through it. The chrono seems to be accurate as I was temporarily able to compare it to another chrono, and it seems accurate for my other airguns too (in the fps spec for them). Testing is indoors at room temperature of about 70 f, about 45% humidity.

SUMMARY: Mine seems to be 'settling in' shooting CPHP Crosman Hollow point 14.3 grains at about 745 fps average for 17.63 ft lbs and Hobby Wadcutter 11.9 grain at 823 fps for 17.90 ft lbs. Standard deviation is perhaps 10 - 15 fps over 15 shots. The shooting is accurate enough though and a decent shooting experience, enough recoil for fun but pretty quiet thunking sounding.

Of course, I wouldn't mind a boost in fps to meet the advertised lead spec of 950 fps for what I assume are Hobby 11.9 gr, but this still seems decent for the price and all.

Seems some report their NP2/NP Elite are shooting in this power range, though some report in the high 700s and low 800s for CPHP 14.3.


The Pyramid 10-for-10 shot test on the new rifle showed 833 fps average on RWS Hobby Wadcutter 11.9 grain for 18.30 ft lbs. The shots had a standard deviation of 9 fps.

My initial tests using CPHP 14.3 gr gave an average of 665 fps for 14.03 ft lbs. I wasn't satisfied. Repeated tests gave about the same.

I added 2 drops of Crosman Silicone Oil well ‘pumped’ using semi-cocking and let sit for 1 day. Before this, cocking did hear to be a little bit squeaky dry.

Afterward, CPHP 14.3gr had 780 fps average for 19.32 ft lbs.

Testing after 6 days showed the CPHP 14.3gr at 745 fps average for 17.63 ft lbs. I also had Hobby 11.9 grain and it averaged 815, just a little less than the 10-for-10 test average of 833.

I added I added 2 drops of Crosman Silicone Oil well ‘pumped’ using semi-cocking and let sit for 1 day. CPHP 14.3 gr were back up to 780 fps average and Hobby 11.9 gr were up to 850 fps.

2 days later, and then 6 days after that, further testing showed Hobby Wadcutter basically at 11.9 gr 823 average for 17.90 ft lbs and Crosman Premier HP 14.3gr at 745 fps average for 17.63 ft lbs. It looks like it's settling into these numbers so far.

I usually shoot 10 - 15 shots to get an average.

I'm not planning to add any more Crosman Silicone Oil for a long time.

I never had any dieseling nor detonation after adding the oil. Just perhaps the faintest burning smell on firing if I tried to think about it.


I've done 2 more chrono tests about a month later, a few days apart, and it's still shooting CPHP 14.3gr at 745 fps average for 17.63 fpe, Hobby 11.9 gr at 825 fps average for 17.99 fpe. So that's where it seems to have settled at. The average for the PyramidAir 10-for-10 test using Hobby 11.9 gr was 833 fps for this airgun. There is no dieseling, in fact it's really smoke smell free, whereas my mainspring springers have a tiny bit of smokey smell on shooting.

Also I'm not noticing any barrel looseness due to worn plastic pivot washers, which I've read can be an issue. Hopefully stays that way.


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